Welcome to Jacks Smoke Shack!

Hello and welcome!

Here at smoke shack we offer a great range of packages to cater for your event which gives a great alternative to more traditional buffets or hog roasts and is sure to leave your guests with something to talk about and some great memories for a long time to come.

Were also able to offer a more bespoke service to meet all of your requirements and with over 20 years catering experience you know your event is in safe hands.

Our menu:


Smoked pulled pork
slaw, pickles, bbq mayo & hot sauce

Shack sausage
Home made smoked sausage with coleslaw, bbq sauce, & pickles

Shack stack burger
Two burgers rubbed with bbq seasoning and layered with smoked bacon, mature chedder, mustard mayo, pickles & salad

Smoked beef brisket
slaw, pickles, bbq mayo, hot sauce & mature cheddar

The Big One
Shack sausage, pulled pork, and a burger, served with bbq mayo, slaw pickles
and hot sauce


Bratwurst hotdog
crispy shallots, remoulade

Vegewurst hotdog
crispy shallots, remoulade

Salt beef bagel
chipotle tomato ketchup, red onion, monetary jack cheese, sour cream

Pitt beans
5 beans smoked in our homemade bbq sauce with bacon, pulled pork, & Brisket

Macaroni cheese
topped with melted cheese and crispy smoked bacon( or without)

Dirty fries
skin on fries, pitt beans, pulled pork, melted mature cheddar

Buttermilk fried chicken
cos lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, hot sauce

BBQ chicken
bbq mayo, slaw, tomato, red onion

Smoked bbq pork ribs

BBQ beef short ribs

Smoked pulled lamb
bbq mayo, slaw & hot sauce


German potato salad
Superfood salad
Skin on fries
Pitt beans
Macaroni cheese

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